From a small country town north of Sydney, Australia, Sahra was introduced to the world of entertainment at an early age. Even as a child, Sahra was convinced that performing would be her life.
Since then she has journeyed far…
Singing alongside Australian acts such as Vanessa Amorossi and Richard Clapton and touring with bands throughout Australia and performing both as a singer and actress on television, Sahra now brings to you, her debut album, GIRL PARTS.
Sahra and Blue Pie Director, Damien Reilly, first met over 7 years ago in 1996 and they have remained friends ever since. The duo began writing in 1997 and put together their first song “One Sweet Day” with Producer, Phil Munro. Since that time, Sahra, Damien and Phil set out to write a solid body of songs that would be timeless and that would be true to Sahra’s vocal ability.
The first single to be released is a remake of the 1978 R&B number one hit ‘Boogie
Oogie Oogie ” by “A Taste of Honey”.
The songs on GIRL PARTS began with Damien playing his guitar and Sahra adding the melody and lyrics. It has since grown into a writing trio combining the talents of Phil as Producer, arranger and songwriter.
Sahra’s angelic voice, coupled with her ability to take you away to the true essence of the songs that she sings makes this album very unique. She has that special magic that stars possess and she truly shines on her own.
GIRL PARTS is an intensely personal and emotive album with a number of songs being recorded in just one take. You can feel and hear her joy, her laughter, her sorrow and her tears in the lyrics. GIRL PARTS is all the parts of a girl called Sahra.
Sahra’s star has only just begun to shine…
Note: Il brano “Hold On Tight”, è stato inserito anche nella Compilation di Hurricane Healing è una iniziativa creata per raccogliere fondi destinati alle vittime che nel 2005 sono state coinvolte nell’uragano che ha stravolto gli U.S.A., un disastro che ha visto tante persone in una situazione di completo disagio e disperazione.

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